Hair Metal 101 is your destination for the best hair metal, glam metal, sleaze rock, hard rock and classic rock from back in the day. If your musical taste runs from the late 70s up to the early 90s, then you’re in the right place.
Wish you had a DeLorean time machine to transport you back to the 80s? You don’t need one…just stick with us and we’ll give you your fix of rockin’ tunes 24/7.
Our schedule caters for all tastes, from full-on arena rock smash hits to the more obscure hair metal bands of the era. We also dedicate time slots to the new breed of rock bands that are flying the flag for hard rock and hair metal and keeping its spirit alive.
We also have a great selection of affiliated radio shows, such as Hair Metal Mansion, Mega Watts Radio, L.A.’s RadioScreamer, RockGasms with Jenn Mitchell and The Streets Of Rock & Roll, hosted by rock legend and self-titled ‘Metal Cowboy’ Ron Keel…

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